Racial Harmony Day (Junior High)

17 Jul 2010



Racial Harmony is one of many aspects that make Singapore peaceful to live in. As Singapore is made up of people of many different races, from all parts of the world, there will be disagreements or differences between them. This is why Racial Harmony is important, especially in a culture rich Singapore, with many races living together.

For Dunman High’s Racial Harmony Day programme, we had a programme in class, where we watched videos of Racial Harmony in Singapore. One of the highlights was a part was doing a programme on expressing Racial Harmony, where we got to explore what racial Harmony means for each and every one of us, by doing a collage, using coloured paper and various other materials. One of the lessons that we learnt was that Singapore was made up of many pieces, and each person is a piece, and if each of us does not do our part in maintaining racial and religious harmony, Singapore cannot be together as one.

Not forgetting the commemoration of Racial Harmony Day on the 19th in our school. Some of us, especially the teachers dressed up in traditional costumes. We also enjoyed the various level activities very much. The year 1s played traditional games, like, gasing, kho kho and congkak. The year 2 students were grooving to the upbeat bollywood dance tune, all in unison in the Indoor Sports Hall! It was such a pleasure to watch the Sports Hall transform to a Mega Dance studio! Lastly, the Year 3 & 4 students were entertained by a candid instructor who taught them step by step Dikir Barat! The product, an in-sync performance of clapping and singing of cultural songs!   

We also had an assembly programme where we shared with Temasek Secondary School, as they did western dance and Dikir Barat.  To top it up, there was a Malay student from Temasek who entertained us with his Chinese yo-yo skills! We got the classes excited during the Games Trivia Session and we welcomed on stage, teachers who came dressed in a traditional costume to talk a little about their costumes and that was the finale of our programme. It was really fun and educational, as we learnt more about our own country and own home.

Racial Harmony Day reminds us to be tolerant of others, no matter their race, religion or culture. We can also celebrate our success in being a country where people of different descents live, and as a culturally rich nation, enjoying peace, prosperity and harmony. Preserving and appreciating this peace is important, for each and every one of us, and for the generations to come.