Campus Map

School Tour 2010

Done by Corporate Relations ‘0910

AEP Room

  • Block F1 Level 3
  • Air conditioned
  • AEP & GAP lessons (Art Elective Program and General Art Program)
  • Displays artwork of AEP students
  • Serves as a ‘backstage' for some performing arts CCA during concerts

Air Weapons range/ Bomb shelter

  • Block A Level 1 
  • Used as an air weapons range for the air weapons club, though it also functions as a bomb shelter.
  • Other than this, the air weapons club goes to another range outside of school for their practise.

Alumni Room

  • Block E Level 1
  • For Ex-Dunmanians to gather and reminisce
  • Many ex-Dunmanians frequently return to the school to attend events or pay visits to teachers. An example is during the Homecoming 2009.
  • Encourage ex- Dunmanians to pay visits now and then


  • Block B Level 1
  • Now a lecture theatre for Senior High students who have their lessons held there, and also for those who wish to do presentations for mass audiences.
  • Also used for mass assemblies for Junior High levels.
  • The Junior High Section also uses it for lectures such as the Year 3 Language Arts Lecture
  • Has been used to hold the DHRP symposium.  {Students used the auditorium as a platform for presentation of their projects.}
  • Fully air conditioned and it hence provides a comfortable environment 
  • Seating Capacity: 500
  • Brief history: Once the performing arts centre of our school. Performing arts groups used the auditorium for performances and rehearsals.

Basketball Courts

  • Block A Level 1
  • Total of 4 basketball courts of which one of them is located indoors
  • Basketball team trains there almost every day of the week (Training Sessions for different teams are on different days)
  • On Friday afternoons, many students will stay back to catch up with their friends, or to play a game of basketball or volleyball at the basketball courts.
    •  The basketball courts will then get rather crowded, but the DHS students always seem to be able to find space to play in.

Bicultural Studies Room

  • Block F1 Level 1
  • Air-conditioned 
  • Main purpose is for Chinese Culture studies. For example, when students are learning Chinese Tea in Appreciation of Chinese Culture, teachers will conduct their lessons here instead of classrooms.
  • Specially designed tables and chairs give an traditional look. 
  • Room is decorated with beautiful paintings and Chinese antiques. Thus it appears serene and creates a soothing environment for students to study.
  • Has been used for 2nd Singapore~Nanjing Principals' Roundtable Forum 2009.
  • Seating Capacity: About a class of 36 people


  • Block B Level 1
  • 16 stalls in our canteen, catering to the different needs and wants of the students and teachers
  • Photocopy shop and the book shop are located in the same area, to provide convenience to students who will frequent them during their breaks.
  • Table soccer for students to relax and have fun during their break
  • Capacity: About 800 people (20 classes)


  • Block B Level 1
  • There is a piano in the foyer, of which students are free to use
  • Several exhibitions are set up in the foyer, since it is a convenient place for students to view them. An example is the AEP exhibition of the artworks done by our very own students.


  • Block A Level 1
  • Provides students, teachers and visitors to the school a pleasant experience due to its beautiful environment filled with greenery.

Confucius Statue:

1. Biography of Confucius

  • Confucius is a famous thinker, social philosopher and teacher. It is said that he has taught 3000 students.
  • He created Confucianism and talked about the idea of benevolence. His thoughts and sayings have a great impact on later world.
  • Confucius has a high moral values and a wide knowledge. He is very optimistic and always tries to improve himself. His loyalty for the country, his care towards the citizens, and his hope for a well-established society have earned great respect from many people. 

2. The Origin of the Statue of Confucius

  • Donated by Mr Ho Kiau Seng who is a member of the School Advisory Committee
  • Made in China and is transported by sea to Singapore

3. Confucianism in the School

  Our school name was named after the Confucian Book: Great Learning《大学》

  • "大学之道,在明明德,在亲民,在止于至善。"
  • What the Great Learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to love the people; and to rest in the highest excellence

  Confucianism as School Spirit

  • As an SAP School, our emphasis on Chinese values are in line with Confucianism
  • Honesty, trustworthiness, moral courage and loyalty as our School motto
  • Confucianism is inculcated into our Civics and Moral Education lessons

  Inspires teachers and students

  • Inspire teachers to use different types of teaching according to each student's interests and ability, while making sure that everyone is being educated (有教无类、因材施教)
  • Inspire students to Cultivate individual moral character, run the family unison, manage the nation in order (修身、齐家、治国平天下)

General Office

  • Block B Level 1
  • The working place of the Principal as well as the EAS (Executive Administrative Staff) of the school.
  • Several Procedures go through the General office.


  • Block B Level 2
  • Used for: Level assemblies, mass assemblies
  • Major school events held here: Homecoming, Teacher's Day, Celebration, Youth Day celebration etc.
  • Special features: Fully air-conditioned, Serve as Badminton courts, Gallery above (normally used to seat senior high students)
  • Seating capacity: 2500 people (for both junior & senior high students)

Heritage Room

  • Block E Level 1
  • Artifacts of DHS history   eg. Past result slips of ex-Dunmanians that show the changes and improvements of DHS since establishment
  • Specially built to preserve the artifacts more carefully

HOD and Staff Room

  • Block B Level 2 & 3
  • 2 staff rooms holding 180 staff and 1 HOD room which holds 20 HODs
  • Staff Room One holds teachers teaching Language Arts and the Humanities while Staff Room Two holds teachers teaching Math, Science and Mandarin.
  • Both Staff rooms are joined by a common corridor so as to ensure better communication between both teaching groups.
  • The HOD and Staff rooms have been refurbished after Dunman High underwent PRIME. They are more spacious and provide the teachers with a comfortable place to work and to rest.
  •  There are two staff lounges as well to provide the teachers with a comfortable working environment.
  • Brief History: The HOD room used to be a staff room, which holds 60 teachers. Meanwhile, the staff rooms used to be a library. However, this has been changed due to the increasing number of teachers.


  • Next to school
  • Provide lodging for students from Dunman High Schools as well as other schools
  • Open in September 2001
  • Makes Dunman High School the first government school to have a hostel of its own
  • Holding Capacity: 500
  • Special features: It has 2 blocks, separating the boys and girls. It has a dining hall that can hold 500 people. Other facilities of the hostel include Visitor's Room, Reading Room, Computer Room.100 vacancies are reserved for local students whose parents are working overseas.

Humanities Room

  • Block F1 Level 1
  • Main purpose is for conducting humanities lessons
  • Designed as a presentation centre
  • The room is divided into 2 parts with seats at the side and a stage in front
  • There are ancient paintings and maps hanging on the walls
  • The ASEAN summit 2009 has been held here before.
  • Seating Capacity: About 2 classes (72 people)

Indoor Sports Hall

  • Block B Level 1
  • Used for: PE when raining, Volleyball & basketball training, Interclass competitions
  • Friendly matches with other schools
  • Special features: Retractable seats (sponsored by an alumni)

Junior High Classrooms

  • Block F1 & Block G Level 3-6
  • The Junior High Section is divided into Lower and Upper Secondary.
  • The Lower Secondary takes the classrooms in Block G
  • The Upper Secondary takes the classrooms in Block F1
  • Each level is divided into 2 floors
  • Each classroom can hold 36 pupils
  • Lockers are provided in each classroom for pupils to keep their belongings safe.
  • Shelves are provided for teachers and students to store books and files.

Open spaces

  • At times, teachers will conduct lessons outdoors, as it could help refresh pupils' minds and help them think better.
  • Teachers could also conduct some activities during PC lesson
  • Activities such as refreshments for parents on Parent-Child Day are also held there
  • CCAs can do some activities there as well


  • Block F2 Level 1 & 2
  • Two- storey fully air-conditioned library
  • Discussion rooms and other academy pillar rooms for meeting and project purposes
  • Carries many books with different topics such as Science, Maths and Manga. Students can use them as reference for their project works.
  • There is a café in the library to cater light snacks and drinks for students
  • Students can use facilities such as computers for research projects

LSP Room

  • Block C Level 2
  • Classrooms where LSP (Life Skills Program) lessons are conducted
  • Learn life skills such as cooking, sewing, gift wrapping
  • Senior High Culinary Club conducts its CCA there
  • 2 rooms linked by a storage room
  • Each room has ovens, sinks, stoves, refrigerators
  • Holding Capacity: 36 people
  • Brief History: In the past Dunman High did not have LSP lessons, LSP was only introduced when DHS had the DHP.

Mathematics Room

  • Block F1 Level 1
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Tables are in different shapes such as ‘+' sign and numbers
  • Room is painted in different colours, so it appears very colourful.
  • Teachers can conduct their Maths lessons in this room as it is a fun-learning environment
  • Several Math games in the room. Students are encouraged to play them as they can learn and have fun at the same time
  • Holding Capacity: 36 people


  • Block F1 Level 1
  • Beautify the school and allow the students to be in touch with Nature.
  • The garden is in the middle of the science labs and the Junior High blocks.
  • It has two small ponds with marine life in it and different types of trees.
  • It allows the students to relax in such a tranquil and carefree environment.

Music Atrium

  • Block G Level 1 & 2
  • Rooms in the music atrium are sound proofed.
  • Fully air-conditioned so that the users can feel more comfortable while using the rooms.
  • Rooms in the music atrium are named after various composers of the 20th and 21st century.
  • The first storey consists of 3 music practice rooms - 2 of which are for Music Elective Programme (MEP), Gu Zheng room, CO (Chinese Orchestra) room, Symphonic Band (SB) room, mini platform used for performances (in front of SB room) and more.
  • The second storey has 11 music practice rooms such as the guitar ensemble room, music staff room, Glass room, Boulez room and the music library. The Glass room and the Boulez room are used for A Level MEP, and also served as recital room for the MEP students for major performances.
  • Dunman High is also strong in performing arts. We have won Gold with Honours for many years in CO and Symphonic Band during the biennial SYF.

Parade square

(Block B Level 1)

  • Used for: Flag-raising ceremony in the morning
  • Major school events: National Day celebration
  • Double up as 2 netball courts

Performing Arts Centre

  • Block F2 Level 3
  • 2 stories high
  • Fully Air conditioned
  • Serves as a performance venue (Performances such as school concerts eg. "EDS Nite" by EDS ; Rhapsody of Spring 《青春旋律》by CS ; "Spirit of Strings" by String Ensemble; "Rhythm XXII" by Symphonic Band
  • Also used to hold events like DHRP Symposium Opening
  • Holding Capacity: 800 people

Science Labs

  • Block F1 Level 1 & 2
  • 8 Science labs, catering to the different needs of the different levels.
  • Lower Secondary: General Science lab
  • Upper Secondary: Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs
  • Senior High Students involved in Research Programmes: Specialized labs such as the Nano Science Lab

Level One:

Molecular Science Lab
Molecular Science covers the study of the behavior and structure of molecules. The lab is air-conditioned, but is used at lower frequency due to the high level involved. This lab is also used by the Senior High Science Society as part of their CCA Activities.

General Science Lab 1-3
In the General Science Labs, practical sessions are held for the year one and two students to give them chances for hands-on work. The practical sessions further enhances our school's science curriculum by allowing students to explore concepts and theories on their own.

Chemistry Lab J1, J2
The Chemistry Labs are located on the first floor due to safety precautions.

Level Two:

Physics Lab J1, J2
In the study of Physics in Upper Secondary, experiments are not just limited to the labs. We also have outdoor experiments such as experimentations linked to gravity.

Nano Lab (Demo Lab)
In Nano Science, students deal with structures of very small dimensions up to the nanometre level. Extremely precise instruments are required, and once again a high degree is involved in the study of this.

Life Science Lab
Life Sciences – study of living things.

Biology Lab 1 & 2
The Biology Labs are where students go there during biology lessons to perform experiments such as dissections of a sheep's heart to better understand the theory taught in classrooms.

Remaining Senior High Labs
The other senior high labs are located at the Senior High Blocks. They include the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs.

Senior High Classrooms

  • Block D & E Level 2-4
  • 60 square feet
  • 90 square feet for Junior High Classrooms (Smaller population in Senior High)
  • Used to be junior high classrooms before PRIME
  • Now used as venues for tutorials

Student lounge

  • Block A Level 2
  • Mainly  for students to come as and when they wish to relax and take a break from their studies.
  • Special features: Wii, billiard table, carpets & cushions

Student Services Centre

  • Block B Level 1
  • As its name suggests, it provides services for Dunman High students.
  • Students can pay for their school fees, request for Student Certification/ NS deferment letter, request for copies of academic transcripts, settle administrative issues, etc.
  • Students' needs is catered to more efficiently
  • Recently built in 2009 and its opening ceremony was held in September 2009, graced by the presence of our then principal, Mr Sng Chern Wei.

Table Tennis Room

  • Block A Level 1
  • Main training ground for our school's Table Tennis team.

Tennis Court

  • Block A Level 4
  • Training Ground for Senior High Students in the Tennis CCA, as well as another venue for PE activities

Track & Field

  • Block A Level 1
  • Officially opened in May 2009 for P.E (physical education) lessons.
  • Also used by CCA groups, students and staff to carry out activities there.
  • Field has been in use since August 2009: Used by CCAs like Softball.